Banks Development

November – 2016

Connelly and Associates installed a 16-ton, vertical well closed loop geothermal system for a new residential construction project located in Bethesda, Maryland. We drilled six geothermal wells to 430 feet in depth each.  Six, 1.25-inch geothermal ground loops were installed and tremie grouted with geothermal thermex grout to depth. The well field was drilled in the proposed driveway area of the new home due to limited space available on the property. The well heads and piping were excavated, heat fused and backfilled to a minimum depth of 36-inches below grade. We used all HDPE pipe from the ground loops to the geo system flow centers. The system was then purged and filled with water and Environol anti-freeze. The well field/geoexchange supplied multiple ground source heat pumps, saving over 60 percent in annual energy costs.